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February 2016

New Budget Speech, Same Old Problem
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Gov. Bruce Rauner gave his budget addressand proposed budget for FY 2017 on February 17. He offered the legislature two options: give the Governor's office the authority to cut spending unilaterally, or work together to achieve a compromise of structural reforms and revenue generation. Notably, the Governor did not offer solutions to passing a FY 2016 budget. The State continues to operate without one.

In their responses to the Governor's address, advocacy organizations have emphasized his failure to forge a solution for the FY 2016 budget stalemate, which hasoverwhelmingly hurt the State's youngest, oldestand most vulnerable residents.

"Hard-working families need a budget that chooses revenue over cuts to services they rely on," said the Responsible Budget Coalition, "not a prolonged stalemate that forces State government and vital programs to languish." The coalition has been a strong advocate for a budget that benefits all the people of Illinois.

Want to lend your support to the Responsible Budget Coalition's efforts? Organizations are invited to join the coalition. Stay informed following them on Twitter or visiting their website.

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Blacks Hit Especially Hard by Budget Impasse People of color, especially black people, are enduring the deepest battle scars from this budget stalemate. A whopping 30.6% of black people are living in poverty statewide, while making up less than 15% of Illinois’ population.

And what is even more disheartening is that 43.2% of black children under the age of 17 are poor. In fact, poverty among black people outpaces that of whites, Latinos, and Asians in all age categories. At a time when black people's contributions are being highlighted during Black History Month, these numbers are hardly celebratory.Read more...

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Everyone is an advocate, even you! Get an intro to advocacy with IHM's new list of tips and resources featured on ourhome page. Learn how to stay informed, who to contact and how to craft your message. If you're passionate about the State's financial impasse, check out the budget clock that's ticking away the days, minutes, and hours that Illinois has gone without a budget. Go ahead – make yourself heard! If you have additional advocacy ideas and resources feel free to drop us a line at

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MEDICAID BENEFICIARIES AREN'T GETTING HELP kicking their smoking habit. Based on 2010-13 data analyzed, only 10% of enrollees nationwide have received a prescription for tobacco cessation drugs, even though the federal health care law required state Medicaid programs to cover the benefit.

THE YMCA OF METRO CHICAGO IS CONNECTING KIDS who live in high-violence neighborhoods, with Veterans who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan and who might understand what they're going through. Youth in the program process trauma from community violence by sharing their stories and learning from the experiences of Veterans.

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@ILHealthMatters: Food is medicine says @shrivercenter. Illinois must reduce the SNAP gap

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@ILHealthMatters: $26,000: the average health care costs for a homeless person on #Medicaid

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Health wonks are loving thishospital plot line on Downton Abbey

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