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May 6, 2014

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We've got this covered, but we're not done yet!

Hold the phone! Illinois has connected over half a million people to health insurance, 504,000 in new health insurance plans through both the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid coverage. This is great news! 217,492 Illinois residents selected a Marketplace plan, and 168,165 received financial assistance when purchasing a plan.

However, of those eligible for enrollment with financial assistance, only about 24% signed up. With all these new enrollments, Illinois Health Matters will be providing the inside scoop not only on getting health insurance, but also on navigating the health care system, improving health, and getting access to care with a brand new insurance card.

But, the work isn't done yet. Enrollment is still available to those with low income that qualify for Medicaid and All Kids at any time through the Application for Benefits Eligibility, aka ABE.

In addition, the SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) is open for business! If you have not done so already, check out our Small Business page and follow us on Twitter @ILHealthSmBiz to learn more. Small businesses can enroll for health coverage through a broker, and get help paying foremployee coverage with help from tax credits. Find one at Get Covered Illinois.

Infographic data source: 2010-11 Census data estimates from American Community Survey,
analyzed by Illinois Health Matters/Health & Disability Advocates; and ASPE Profile of Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansion Enrollment for Medicaid/CHIP and the Health Insurance Marketplace

From our blog

Nonprofits leverage the ACA to bring down health insurance costs One of the greatest tools that organizations have available to them to attract and retain high-quality employees is the compensation and benefits package.Providing high value, yet affordable benefits, is part of the ethos of most non-profit organizations.But as the cost curve of health insurance continues to rise, this proposition has become increasingly more challenging.The Affordable Care Act created a small employer tax credit to help offset some of these costs – but many non-profits are left wondering how this might benefit them...
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In case you missed it

MORE THAN 8 MILLION PEOPLE selected a plan on the Marketplace, according to HHS' final report for the ACA's first open enrollment period, which covers October 1 through March 31, including additional enrollment activity reported through April 19. Of the enrollees, 19.28% were young adults age 18-34.

THE UNINSURED RATE FELL TO NEW LOW of 13.4% in April, down from 15.0% in March, as ACA enrollments come on-stream. This is the lowest monthly uninsured rate recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking it in January 2008.

OBAMACARE SAVES LIVES according to a Harvard study that compared mortality rates before and after reform in Massachusetts. Researchers found the mortality rate for people with conditions "amenable to health care" such as cancer and heart disease fell 4.5% after Romneycare was introduced.

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Learn what the ACA means for your small business! Attend a webinar next week May 13 at 12pm!

Find enrollment events in your area at the Get Covered Illinois Events page.

Find volunteer and community engagement opportunities at Get Covered America Events page.

Download a presentation and/or watch a recording from the EverThrive Illinois Webinar series.

Learn what the ACA means for a small business owner from the Small Business Majority's Thursday talks.

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@ILHealthMatters: For liver transplant anniversary: insurance now pays for antirejection meds mandated after transplant

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@ILHealthMatters: #ACA word of the week: WELLNESS PROGRAMS - programs designed to improve your health & fitness #ACAwow

On Facebook:Okay, so I get that my provider has to be in NETWORK, but how do I pick?

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Posted in "Healthcare Reform and Health Insurance Exchanges": "About 85% of people who picked an exchange plan qualified for a subsidy." The 15% who didn't qualify for a subsidy tended to chose the cheaper bronze plans, which have higher out-of-pocket costs. The last-minute Obamacare shoppers were bargain hunters

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